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Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &  Wellness

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Relax In Nashville Quality Massage & Wellness


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If you're looking for a quiet distraction and receive top level massage therapy services and natural body treatments then we welcome you to come visit Relax In Nashville Massage & Wellness! Established in TN in 2009, we also extend our services to Chicago IL. Why choose Relax In Nashville? And how are we different from everyone else? Let’s start by recognizing that we have seasoned therapists that have up to date services due to the continuing education in the state of Tennessee. We are not a Day Spa. We are a Massage Therapy business that is expanding to offer Wellness therapies like Trivaren products, Body Treatments and an Infrared Sauna. We have 24/7 online scheduling which eliminates the need for a receptionist. Your time with us is private and one on one. You are never rushed and actually receive the time you paid for which is almost unheard of in this industry. We like to work with you to design a maintenance plan that works for you and your Therapist will help keep you on track. We are happy to say we have many more Quality services to offer which you will be made aware of on your first visit.

All of our Licensed Massage Therapists provide Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports with Stretching and Scalp massage. We do not upsell so all of these types of massages are grouped into one to make your experience Exceptional each and every time. And each LMT has a Specialty- Holly’s is Contemporary Medical Cupping and Crista’s specialty is Hawaiian LomiLomi. Come see us both as we complement each other’s massage style and make a great team.

Manscaping is the fine art of men’s hair removal. Serving both aesthetic and practical purposes, not only does manscaping look and feel good, it’s the hygienic approach to male grooming. Some think manscaping is only shaving or waxing. For those with lots of hair and a high affinity to skin irritation, our body trimming service  may be the best solution for you. We will take a sterilized trimmer to reduce the hair on your whole body. Or just parts of it. You decide.  Since there are no razors directly on the skin, there is no irritation. Think of it as a buzz cut with just a little bit of hair growth left. Watch the short video below then decide if Manscaping is right for you. Then book your appointment for manscaping services today:  https://youtu.be/gQ9N_GApdYM


We invite you to spend an hour or three at our Upscale facility located less than five minutes from the Nashville International Airport. Schedule a session online as it is hard to answer phone calls during the day. Allow us to customize a 2-3 hour mini-vacation that will make you feel like a million bucks.