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Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &  Wellness

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Relax In Nashville Quality Massage & Wellness

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I am a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist currently providing services in Nashville TN & Chicago IL. My private practice has been growing since 2003 and I am currently studying Nutrition to enhance my Health and Wellness business.

Want to feel like a King or a Queen? I have a passion for what I do and you will feel it during each and every session. Whether you have been a client of mine for the last 12 years or whether I just met you today, my warm and friendly approach to our lasting relationship is felt from the moment you walk through the front door. Imagine this..... you walk through the door into my upscale Airport Incall location and I greet you with a warm and friendly smile. I immediately put a warm neck and shoulder pillow on you. First time clients will provide the intake form and we will have an initial consultation about your needs today. Repeat clients will receive a hug and we will continue where we left off the last time.

I first studied at the Natural Health Institute Nashville TN in 2001 and continued my studies at Hired Hands University in Chicago IL in 2003. I have now completed over 1000+ hours of classroom study. My latest study was an intense 45 Hour Continuing Education class in Hawaiian LomiLomi. Which is why I am able to bring you one of the best massages that you will ever receive. No one massage is ever the same. I expertly blend an Ayurvedic approached Swedish, Esalan, Hawaiian LomiLomi and Sports Massage techniques with assisted stretching. All of my many upgrades are complimentary and I invite you to take advantage of these during each visit. You will receive a form during each visit to choose your upgrades.

I recommend getting into the Infrared Sauna for 10-20 minutes to warm your muscles before we begin the session. After our introduction, it normally takes 2-6 weeks, depending on severity, to put you on the path to healing. Then no less than 1 visit per month and we will maintain your muscles for the best possible outcome. So what are your goals? Be sure and have a clear definition so that we can achieve the intended results which varies with each person. My years of experience of helping people relax will hopefully make it easy for each client to open up and voice what best makes you relax right from the start. Our continued sessions will give you a positive well-being that only Expert Massage Therapy is able to offer.

I look forward to seeing you on my professional massage table.