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Licensed or not Licensed?

Posted by Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &Wellness Studio on August 7, 2012 at 4:55 AM

There are so many people today that advertise massage but have never gone to school or even had a professional massage. The internet ads espcially, can be very deceiving. If you are looking for a real massage, then you need to always make sure that the person giving the massage is Licensed by the State of TN. Therefore, if you schedule a 90 minute massage, then you get exactly that. So many people advertising incorrectly and just get you in there without the professionalism of doing what their ad says. They probably just want to get you in and out as quickly as possible because they were not taught how to even give a massage let alone proper business ethics. 


One common misconception is the advertisment of "Full Body Massage". Fully body means that you are getting at least an hour and that your full body will be massaged. It's not a code word for a "Sensual" massage so I am always amused when people ask about Full Body. Most LMT's are going to give you a full body Therapeutic massage whereas a person without training may give you a full body Sensual massage. The sensual massage is illegal and to ask for something like that over the phone is laughable. Please be respectful to the people that have actually taken the time to go to school and get licensed, pays for the license every year, the liability insurance, a business license and the continuing education that is inevitable. People posing as Massage Therapists are not accredited and can get in lots of trouble. So make sure that you have researched what you want before going to get a massage. You can get anything out there but know where to look for specific services and be respectful to a REAL LMT.

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