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  • Temple Style Hawaiian LomiLomi - A Luxur...
    by Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &Wellness Studio on August 26, 2015 at 8:11 PM
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    Everyday someone asks me, what is Temple Style Hawiian LomiLomi and how is it different from all of my other massage styles? Take a look at this quick video for a taste of LomiLomi and what one should expect during a LomiLomi experience. I studied with the teacher in this video, Gloria Coppolla, for my Templestyle Hawaiian LomiLomi training in September of 2012. It is a lifelong journey that I am excited to be on. I hope to go to one of her next retreats where I will learn even more about this technique in Hawaii. I cannot wait to visit Hawaii and experience the real Aloha! 

  • Are you the Manscaping type?
    by Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &Wellness Studio on August 26, 2015 at 8:06 PM
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    EVERYONE should be properly groomed for their mate. Us women put so much toward grooming ourselves from head to toe. Men should follow suit and keep things nice and trimmed. Come in for an introductory offer of Manscaping combined with a relaxing massage the first time. Then set up a maintenance plan every 4 to 6 weeks which is very cost effective. Combine a massage or many of my other relaxation services and receive discounts toward your well being. ALL of my Chicago clients get the Manscaping done.....I am waiting on my Nashville clients to catch up with the times and jump on board toward a healthier you.

  • Essential Oils ARE Essential!
    by Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &Wellness Studio on August 26, 2015 at 8:05 PM
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    I am an Independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils. I use them everyday in my Massage and Yoga practice. I also use them for cleaning purposes, depression, restless leg, bursitus, stiff joint, muscle pain - you name it....Ive got an oil for it.

  • Nashville Massage Therapy - 615-524-9272...
    by Relax In Nashville Quality Massage &Wellness Studio on November 18, 2012 at 12:00 PM
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    Schedule on line 24/7 at website: www.relaxinnashvillemassage.com.

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