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Crista  ~  LMT, RYT, CLS | Schedule Mon 8:30-8:30 | Tue-Friday 8:30-6:00pm | Saturday 10am-5:00pm

I am a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, Registered Yoga Teacher RYT and a Certified Laser Specialist CLS, currently providing services in Nashville TN & Chicago IL. My private practice has been growing since 2001 and I am currently training to become a Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher to enhance my Health and Wellness knowledge. With years Massage, Yoga and Wellness experience I am sure to always provide top-notch services to my loyal clients of 15 years and my new clients that I meet every day in my studio.

I first studied at the Natural Health Institute Nashville TN in 2001 and continued my studies at Hired Hands University in Chicago, IL in 2003. I have now completed over 1000+ hours of classroom study and thousands of hours of hands on experience. My latest study was an intense 45 Hour Continuing Education class in Hawaiian LomiLomi. Which is why I am able to bring you one of the best massages that you will ever receive. This is no cookie cutter massage like the franchises offer and no one massage is ever the same. I expertly blend an Ayurvedic approached Swedish, Esalan, Hawaiian LomiLomi and Sports Massage techniques with assisted stretching.

I am excited to announce that I will be studying for Yoga Teacher Training in January 2016. I will then incorporate Yoga and Massage which make a perfect combination. More to come about this exciting experience in the next couple of weeks.